Would you like your startup or company to go international, selling your products and services worldwide? Do you think you’re ready to enter the Chinese market, or opening up a branch in Asia, scout for suppliers and customers in China, and take advantage of all the huge potential of this market?

This is my talent.

Trust me for a hands-on and holistic approach about:

  • Market-Entry Strategy and Business Plan
  • Marketing

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Operations

  • Sales and Distribution

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“Better Mistakes” Coaching

We live in “interesting” times, as that Chinese curse says. And sometimes, these days, it can happen to get lost. Or even worse, to struggle to find oneself.

I hold the original sin of being an engineer, but in my professional career I understood that the most important intelligence is the emotional one. My readings and path have focused on that. In addition, of course, to trying, and trying harder. From this peculiar mix comes the “Better Mistakes” format, 1-to-1 coaching sessions, also online.

Here’s who they are aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs
    Is it a difficult time for your business? Do you need a virgin look to redirect your business model? I have the right words for you.
  • Professionals
    Are you in a phase of your career where you feel “stuck”? Or did you realize that what you dedicated your life to does not reward you as you thought? Let’s talk about it, as the Indonesians say: “Semua bisa di atur”. Everything will be fine.

  • Rookies:
    You’ve just started out your journey, or maybe you’re about to face the working world, but you’re full of doubts and don’t know where to bang your head? It’s normal, I’ve been there too, and it may happen again. I am happy to share my best mistakes with you, to avoid them.

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Inspirational Speech

Reading is key for achieving success in life, and to become everyday a better version of ourselves. From the books I read and from my everyday conversations, encompassing everything from poetry to AI, I extracted some key concepts that will help you and your employees to perform better, increase productivity and time management skills, and be more motivated and focused in everything you do. If you feel like you can’t find your own way, my inspiration speeches will help you overcome the impasse, and get out of the comfort zone.

If you need any help to improve your communication, a coaching session or a TED Talk, feel free to contact me to prepare a bespoke experience.

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Before tackling a market, you need to know it very well. An internationalization strategy always involves a training for the resources of the company also from a socio-cultural point of view. Intercultural Management has always been very underrated by companies, but it actually is one of the greatest hurdles to success in internationalization strategies, most remarkably in very culturally far markets such as China, and Asia as a whole.

Make it become a key lever of success for your company!
Here are some examples of my training experiences:

  • Philosophical Negotiation
    On How to use philosophers’ wisdom on everyday worklife, understanding the reasons why other people behave in apparently weird ways 
  • Doing business globally, in the XXI century
    From MegaTrends to commercial anecdotes from business trips all over the world, a complete session to promote a global posture of your company towards the contemporary business world. 

  • Tetraphobic chronicles:
    Debunking myths and clichés around Asian culture. 

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