(To a certain extent)

At the hiring interview for the position inside your heart

The Manpower guy read a couple of lines from my cv

Queue up here, he says

The job is highly demanding

And no retirement fund is granted.

“Trust me” I say “I’ve been studying for this moment

For ages”

“Well, you’ll begin today.

Just lie there, together with the masses

That everyday are walked upon

On their chests

5 to 6 pm, sharp.

Your contract will be renewed every morning”


I’ve been thinking about an app for dentists

All it has to do

Is reminding you no to go there

All you need is a couple of pics of the last time

Shattered gums, rotten teeth

A domestic Vietnam



To laugh better

At someone who remembers us


What we’ll become in 20 years.


I’ve been playing left-side defender since I was a child

Been dealing with ankles

Tackling knees

In my living room

Stands a huge collection of cracked shin guards

The guy  playing number 3 is better than I am

He dares to go for trivela

And he know how to trigger an offside

The coach kicks me in when we’re losing 0-3

It’s 3 mins past the 90th

I don’t give a shit about football

I just sit here

Every fucking day

On this cold-stone bench

Hoping for an injury to his feet

A thunder of bad luck

A glitch of the shinbone

In this rubber stadium, football temple

My personal hate gym.


I even tried to clean my soul up

I put it in the washing-machine, 90 degrees, together with socks, shirts and underwear

Socks got out unpaired, no wonder

All the rest, completely blown up

A laundry Mururoa.

Whenever I hang my clothes, normally

Clothespins fall on the lady downstairs’ balcony.

She gives them to her dog for lunch


A Rottweiler in the body of a poodle.


Wifi doesn’t work at home

I call the call center

20 minutes of Johann Sebastian Bach

Then someone answers

It’s Johann Sebastian Bach

Kinda irritated

He speaks 19th century-German

But the present one would’ve been enough

To make me not understand a single shit

So I just opt for my normal strategy

Delegating the activities I don’t fancy doing right now

To my future self

And this is mostly why

Who I am today

Is linked by an atomic hate

To the one who came before him.


People need to hear things don’t work for others either

Better, if things, for others, go even worse

This is the remaining sense of poetry

I can lose my bet on everything

But not on you, walking away.