Metapoetry: Poetry becomes VR

Navigable poems, which create an immersive experience in which literature is no longer experienced by holding a book in your hands but by wearing a visor and ending up being hit by the images, sounds and words of the poems themselves.

From the collaboration between Alterego Digital Lab and the collective of performance poets Mitilanti “Metapoetry” was born: a journey on the border between poetry, visual arts and virtual reality.

Five poems by five authors: Alfonso Pierro, Andrea Fabiani, Filippo Lubrano, Andrea Bonomi and Francesco Terzago came to life animated by the graphic models rendered by the Alterego team, creating an immersive virtual reality accessible via VR headsets. An experience capable of amplifying and expanding the perception, message and content of the poetic texts presented by the authors.

Sail-In: a floating Poetry Drive-In

An initiative conceived during the period of post-pandemic restrictions, Sail-In is the drive-in of poetry, on a boat. Staged in several editions, first on board the wonderful Pandora ship and then the historic leudo Nuovo Aiuto di Dio, this evocative event in the middle of the Gulf of Poets, with the boats approaching and listening to the poems and music of the Mitilanti and singer Mappo, was also the subject of an episode of “Dyers Do Italy” recorded by the English broadcaster Channel 4.


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“Mitilanti” Creative Writing Gym

“Mitilanti” is a collective of poets based in La Spezia I founded with 4 friends. Among our activities, we hold a creative writing classes where I teach, together with Francesco Terzago, new ways and hints to generate and control ideas – starting from reading, of course. The creative writing class usually has an ending with a Masterclass with a great Italian author – the latest being Walter Siti, Strega award winner.

Humans of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, one story at a time. My interviews are matched with the great portraits of photographers Matteo Fiorelli and Andrea Luporini, for a very particular storytelling in one of the most visited Unesco heritage sites in the world. A way to promote a different kind of traveling, in a place where overtourism is a real threat to the territory.


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Poetry Slam

Sometimes I’m on stage as performer, some others as MC. I organize and participate to poetry slams all over the world, but it’s more common that you find me on bar stage in Italy.

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“Casa dentro” – Poetry and electronic music

Where poetry meets electronic music. The group of poets “Mitilanti” together with Michele Mascis, in a very powerful and pioneristic project.
Listen to my “Ti ho chiesto” (“I asked you”).
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